The BID Area

Future Wood Green BID area

The Future Wood Green Business Improvement District (BID) area is represented by the shaded area on the map below.  Roads which are covered by the area are detailed under the map.


Roads included within the BID area

  • Alexandra Road (Western side, from High Road to Martins Walk; Easter side, 108)
  • Brabant Road (Eastern side)
  • Brampton Park Road
  • Buller Road
  • Bury Road (Southwestern side)
  • Caxton Road (Eastern side)
  • Coleraine Road (jct with High Road to jct with Waldegrave Road)
  • Courcy Road (jct with High Road to Lilac Mews and Wallis Mews)
  • Dovecote Avenue
  • Ducketts Common
  • Gladstone Avenue (No. 1-6)
  • Gladstone Mews
  • Green Lanes (Jct with High Road to Jct with Carlingford Road, inc. 679)
  • High Road (Even, 2 – 240; Odd, 1 – 239)
  • Langham Road (258 – 278)
  • Lordship Lane (Even, 734 – 748; Odd, 707 upwards)
  • Lymington Avenue (from jct with High Road to jct with Bury Road/Noel Park Road)

  • Mayes Road (Northern side, from jct with Caxton Road to Park Ridings)
  • Noel Park Road (Western side, from jct with Lymington Avenue to jct with Pelham Road)
  • Pelham Road (Southwestern side, from jct with Noel Park Road to jct with Gladstone Mews)
  • Redvers Road (from jct with Lordship Lane to jct with Buller Road)
  • River Park Road Station Road (Even, 0 – 48; Odd, 1 – 37)
  • Turnpike Lane (Wellington Terrace)
  • Westbury Avenue (Odd, 1 – 33; Even, 2-8 inc. Westbury Arcade)
  • Whymark Avenue (Whymark House & York House; Northern side jct with High Road to jct with Bury Road)


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