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On Tuesday 22nd September, The Prime Minister is announcing new rules and laws which will effect all Hospitality, retail and offices in England. Here is a run down of the announcements which will effect you:

On Tuesday 22nd September, The Prime Minister is announcing new rules and laws which will effect all Hospitality, retail and offices in England. Here is a run down of the announcements which will effect you:

It is critical that everybody observes the following key behaviours:

  • HANDS – Wash your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds.
  • FACE – Cover your face in enclosed spaces, especially where social distancing may be difficult and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet.
  • SPACE – Stay 2 metres apart where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place.

Closing Times:

As from Thursday 24th September, You MUST BE CLOSED between the hours of 10.00pm to 5.00pm. This means all customers are off the premises by this time. If you offer a Delivery service, this can still operate after this time but no members of the public are to enter your premises.

Retailers are not effected by this rule. Cinema’s can continue to show films after 10.00pm as long as the film has started before this time.

Face Coverings:

As well as customers wearing face coverings in retailers, banks, libraries etc., this is now extended into the hospitality industry. Customers will now need to wear a face covering when in any hospitality premises except when they are seated at a table.

All staff also will now be required to wear a face covering, this includes anyone working in retail, hospitality etc. unless they are exempt on medical grounds.

Groups and Social Distancing:

You can if you have space to seat up to a maximum of Six people in one group. This includes All guests of any age. (there are different rules for other parts of the UK.)

The area between guests seating in your premises is still two metres unless you have made changes to comply with the 1m+ rules. This includes a barrier (most are using perspex screens) between each of your tabled areas.

Table service only: (For guests eating in)

In licensed premises, you must operate a Table service only. This means that guests, once they have completed the track and trace information before they enter your premises, are shown to their table. You are required to take any orders from the table (or via a online platform) and then take any food and drinks to their table. Remind guests that if they are not to mingle with other guests, wear a face covering when they are not sitting at their table (For example when using toilets, entering, or exiting the premises.)

For un-licenced premises (cafe’s etc.) Customers can still order at a counter but must be seated at a table to comsume any goods. They also still need to register using the Track and Trace system and wear a face mask until they are seated.

Takeaway Services:

If you operate a takeaway and seated service, any customers who are in your premises to order a takeaway still are required to wear a face mask but do not need to do the track and trace. Please ensure that guests are social distancing.

If you run a takeaway only service, this is not effected by track and trace. (you have no indoor or outdoor seating), your guests and staff still are required to wear face coverings but do not need to do the track and trace.

Track and Trace:

All close contact businesses which include Restaurants, Bars, Hairdressers/Barbers, Nail Salons, Tailors, Tattoists, Libraries, Museums and Churches must operate a track and trace system.

Already in force, you MUST collect the personal information from each guest that arrives to eat in or enters your premises. All premises must now download a QR code and show this at your entrance for guests to register. For those who do not have phones etc, you still need to collect the details and keep it for 21 days.

Enforcement of non-compliance

From the 28th September, Stricter enforcement is being put in place. Failure to ensure that your business is keeping to the laws or rules including keeping Track and Trace information or ensuring your guests are completing the information could lead to a £10,000 fine. The fine for not wearing a face covering has been raised from £100 to £200 for the first offence.

Supporting local Businesses in Wood Green

The BID is keen to ensure that while it is the responsibility of each of the Businesses to ensure they are operating under the laws and rules, the BID has a range of resources to support them including supplying signage, vinyl floor signs and Plastic Face Visors. If you require any of these, please get in touch.

Further information

For further information or support, please visit the governments website at:

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