Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Below is a range of frequently asked questions which cover Wood Green BID, Governance, our Groups and general information.  For information and FAQ’s regarding the BID Ballot process, please click here.  If for some reason we have not been able to answer your question here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In March 2018, All businesses within the defined Future Wood Green BID area had the opportunity to Vote for a BID. The Vote was successful with 81% of those who voted said yes.  For further information about the voting and results, please click here. The BID officially started on the first July 2018.

In early 2023, the BID carried out a renewal ballot which was successful which includes the extension or the area covered into Turnpike Lane.

To see the structure of the Management for Future Wood Green, including the Governance Board, Delivery Groups and staff,  please click here

To see the BID area map and the roads which are included within Wood Green, please click here

No.  The Business Improvement District is a separate non-profit Limited Company governed by a Board and Management group.  The BID does however work closely with members of the Council to support the objectives of the BID and to raise issues as they arise from those we represent within Wood Green.

Yes, our office is located inside the Mall shopping centre  which is cultural area of Wood Green which is about a 5 minute walk from the Underground Station.  The BID has an open door policy for all those it represents however we do ask that you contact us first to book an appointment and to check that someone will be there.  For further information on our contact details, please click here

A Business Improvement District is primarily funded by a levy which in Wood Green is paid by all businesses who have a rateable value over £12,000 and are within the defined BID area. From July 1st 2023, this is rising to £15,000 rateable value. The BID will also be looking and seeking to apply for additional funds from other sources including Section 108 (redevelopment funds), Mayor of London (GLA) and other sources to deliver a range of projects.

Yes, all Business Improvement Districts must be set up and operated under the BID Regulations which are set by Central Government. Locally, Future Wood Green BID has negotiated a Baseline and Operating Agreement with Haringey Council which sets out what each other organisations deliver and do. For further information and to download the agreements, please click here.

Yes.  All levy payers are invited to become members of Future Wood Green BID for Free.  Membership will give you voting rights at the Annual General Meetings as well as you being able to part of the Steering Groups and attend events we will only be holding for members. The BID also offers Voluntary membership to those who do not pay a levy.  This is open to Businesses and Organisations who’s Rateable Value is under £12,000 or those who are outside the BID Levy area. For further information on Membership including on how to apply, please click here.


The BID Levy is a mandatory payment which is based on the rateable value on a commercial property.  This is a fixed amount which was part of the ballot process. 

BID Levy Bills are issued directly by a local authority rates department – not the BID.  If you have questions about payment, or technical questions about the levy, then you can contact the business rates team at Haringey Council, who are collecting the levy on the BID’s behalf, directly on 020 8489 1700 or by emailing

The BID Levy bill is usually sent to the same address as the business registered address on the business rates bills.  The person or department these bills go to are responsible to pay the bill.

Yes, the BID Levy bill is mandatory and must be paid.  If you do not pay it within the specified time, you risk being taken to court and additional expenses added.

On your Levy Bill, details will show how you can pay it.  To pay online, please visit the Council website at: 

If you have received a Levy Bill but have moved from the address you were billed for, it is most likely that your details have not been changed or updated.  While this is usually done when a new occupier takes on a commercial property but for peace of mind it is always best to inform the rates team at the Council that you have moved.


The BID is governed by a Board of Directors which is made up from members including local businesses, Haringey Council, police and other organisations.  The Board also has advisers to the board. Future Wood Green BID Board membership will be elected at each of the Annual General Meetings which will take place in June of each year.  The present board is an interim board which is made up from members of the original Steering group and other members who have requested to be involved. For further information and to see who is on the BID Governance Board, please click here.

The steering Groups and BID Governance Board meet around every Six weeks throughout the year as a minimum.

To become a Wood Green BID Board Member, you need to be a levy payer (Wood Green) or a Voluntary Member.  Another condition is your company must be up to date with Levy Payments.  For further Information, please click here

To see who are the Current Wood Green BID Board Members, please click here.


All the information you require about the four steering groups which the Business Improvement District manages can be found here

If you are currently a levy payer in Wood Green, you or a representative from your company/organisation can become a member of Future Wood Green and sit on our steering groups. If you are NOT a levy payer, you will need to become a voluntary member of the BID first and as part of this process, members of the Board with the chair of the steering group will discuss with you about joining a steering group.

To ensure that the BID in Wood Green is as open and transparent as possible, Each of the Four Steering Groups will discuss and decide what projects from the original business plan the bid should be delivering and when they should be delivered. The Steering Groups also have a budget for delivering projects which via the chair of each group will present their plans for approval from the governance board.

No.  All members of a Steering Groups are voluntary positions and do not get paid.  There may be times when members visit or attend seminars, training or conferences on behalf of the BID and then the BID Board will make a case by case decision on funding expenses.