Wood Green BID Renewal Survey

Wood Green BID works on behalf of the business community, delivering against a business plan voted on by businesses in 2018. The BID is led and funded by local businesses and delivers projects to benefit the town centre and help attract investment.

In early 2023 businesses will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not the BID will continue delivering a further five years of improvements. We would like to understand how businesses view the BID’s progress in advance of the renewal. Your responses will input to the plans for the coming five years.

Wood Green BID Renewal Survey
1, Are you aware of the services that Wood Green BID provides?

2. The BID carries out activities within the following themes:

1) Safe and Secure
2) Better Connected
3) Events and marketing
4) Business and investment

Below is a list of some of the key events and services the BID has delivered over the last few years.
How beneficial do you feel these are?

3. Overall, how valuable do you think the BID’s activities are to the area?

4. In order of priority, where should Wood Green BID focus its efforts most going forwards?

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