The BID goes to tender for Street Rangers

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Future Wood Green BID have launched a Tender to supply Street Rangers for the Wood Green, Haringey area.

One of the main priorities for the Business Improvement District is to support the Local Authority and Police by providing additional support on the High Road and surrounding areas by providing Street Rangers.  The Rangers will have a number of roles including patrolling the area seven days a week and while supporting other organisations, their primary role will include reducing anti-social behaviour including shop lifting, street drinkers and beggars.

The Business Improvement District was introduced in July after receiving a YES vote from over 80% of Businesses who voted earlier in the year.  As one of the main priorities, Safety and Security in the Wood Green area is one of the Key issues put forward.  The new service will begin in the area in conjunction with the Local Authority and Police in October 2018.

For further information and for those wishing to apply for the Tender to provide Street Rangers for Future Wood Green BID, please click here.

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