Covid 19 Business Support

Covid-19 Business Support

Throughout the Pandemic, Wood Green BID provided a range of support to businesses within Wood Green and beyond.  All the way through, members of the team were classed as essential workers and kept coming into work throughout to support businesses in many different ways.  Below is a few of those highlighted.

Business Updates

Throughout the Pandemic, The BID Manager sat as a member of Haringey Council’s Gold Meetings which had many different organisations around the table to discuss ongoing issues and support.  As a BID, we used this to highlight issues and support the BID was providing to essential stores which kept open and plans for the reopening of other stores.


Wood Green BID joined up with lots of other BID’s and organisations to lobby the Government over a number of key points to support businesses, the key ones were to include grants to those over £50k rateable value, better support the retail, hospitality and Leisure industries.  We also wrote to lobby the government to look at the wording within the Covid business loans which was brought to our attention by Muslim business owners.

Business Packs

Wood Green BID produced a booklet and a signage pack for every business within Wood Green.  This included floor vinyl stickers, counter display signs and safety check notices.

Support with Queue Management

Once some of the restrictions had lifted, the BID supported many businesses with additional floor signage and crowd barriers to support queue management into their stores.  Over a six month period, the BID supplied around 100 crowd barriers, over 1000 floor stickers as well as staff support.

Grant and Loan application Support

The BID also provided and supported over 130 businesses with helping complete grant and loan applications on behalf of businesses, mainly small businesses who are in Wood Green Town Centre.

Reopening Signage Packs