Shop Front Grants

Wood Green Business Improvement District will provide a minimum of five grants of up to £2000 to small businesses within the BID Levy area which can be matched funded by the owners of the business to improve the shop or business frontage.

Who can Apply?

The Grant scheme is open to all those who own their own an independent small business with a turnover less than £100k and NOT part of a national brand.  The business must be within the Wood Green Business Improvement District area.  This scheme is NOT available to voluntary members.  The Business must show that they can match fund up to £2000 at the time of submission of grant and at the time of delivery of works which you have planned or have carried out since April 1st 2019.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant is available to be used to improve the shop or business frontage which is located within the Business Improvement District area of Wood Green.  This can include:

  • Replacing or installing signage
  • Replacing or installing DDA compliant entrance
  • Replacing or installing security measures (shutters, CCTV etc.)
  • Replacing or installing energy efficient lighting
  • Decoration of the shop or business front
  • Replacing or installing new display equipment
  • Replacing or installing regulation glass

There may be other projects you wish to consider which are not shown above.  If you are not sure, please contact our office for further discussion.

How are the Grants awarded?

In the first instance, you will need to complete a Grant submission form.  This will then be looked at by a panel which will include business leaders from both Wood Green and from other areas.  They will then pick those who’s submission stands out from the others and invite you to a interview to discuss further.

At the time of submission, you will be required to complete all the necessary information and agree to the terms and conditions of the grant scheme. The following are important dates in reference to the scheme:

  • Closing date for submissions is: Friday 29th November
  • Panel announcement for the awarded submissions by: Thursday 12th December
  • Works must be completed by end of March 2020.