BID Street Rangers

Future Wood Green provide Street Rangers who work in partnership with the Police and Local Authority Enforcement to provide additional support within the BID area.  The Rangers work in shifts over seven days a week and are provide a role to support businesses against anti-social behavior.

The main roles Include:

  • Monitoring and reporting issues including fly tipping, Street cleanliness and graffiti.
  • Dealing with anti-social behavior
  • Supporting local retailers and organisation with reducing crime
  • Working with other organisations to support those who are homeless and to support the work to reduce begging on the Streets.

The Street Rangers are contactable using the Town Centre Safer Radio Scheme which are being distributed to all businesses within the Levy area.  Over the first few months of the new scheme, the times when the Rangers are patrolling will be changing but they will be out and about seven days a week.


Legislation the Street Rangers use the lawful arrest of suspected offenders is the Police and criminal evidence act 1984, specifically section 24a of the legislation as that defines the powers for ordinary non police people.

Legislation that allows the rangers to use force on a suspected offender also governs the use of handcuffs, that legislation is the criminal law act 1967, section 3 specifically. This says that we as “any person” may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances for the prevention of Crime, and in the effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders, suspected offenders or persons unlawfully at large.


Wood Green Business Improvement District (BID) takes any complaints in relation to the Street Rangers very seriously. If you wish to make a complaint in regards to our Street Rangers, please contact the BID office where once submitted it will be looked into confidentially. The BID has a process for complaints made against any of its staff or contractors.  Once a complaint has been received, you will first be notified that we have received this.  The BID will then start investigating any allegations made and following, if required evidence based findings, the BID will look at what steps it needs to take.  The BID allows this process to take place over a period of fourteen (14) days.

While the BID will take all complaints seriously, it does not publish or inform the complainer of what steps it has taken.  It will however contact the person to inform them that the matter has been investigated and has concluded its looking into the complaint made.  Steps the BID takes can lead to additional training, 1 to 1 monitoring or disciplinary action.  To repeat, these are the steps the BID may take or request from a contractor, however, we do not publish or inform the steps taken.

If you wish to make a complaint, please use the form or write to us using our contact us page

Street Rangers