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Future Wood Green BID – 2020/21 BID Levy Collection Update and Support

Over the last few weeks, you will have received the annual BID Levy Bill for the forthcoming year. While the Levy Bill is based on the value of your Business Rates, it is a separate Bill from the Business Rate which comes under separate governance by Central Government which all Business Improvement Districts and Local Authorities follow.

Haringey Council sent the Levy bills out as part of the Governance on behalf of Wood Green BID. Since these were sent, many of you have had to temporarily close and many more are worried about financial issues this is causing to your business. The BID, in consultation with the Council, is looking at different options to support businesses who pay the levy. Alongside this, many BIDs across England, with the support of the three main BID organisations including British BIDs, Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) and the BID Foundation are lobbying the Government to request support and guidance for local levy payers.

For any levy payer who are experiencing any difficulties in making a levy payment, The Council are deferring payments which were due to June 2020 and providing payment plan between July 2020 to March 2021. To apply for a payment plan, please complete the form below and complete this by Friday 20th June 2020.   Decisions will be made on a case by case basis and once authorised by the Council, you will be contacted to inform you of the decision, payment amounts and the dates the payments are due.

Those businesses who are trading (for example Banks and Supermarkets etc.) and able to settle your levy, please do so at your earliest convenience

The BID’s projects in Wood Green, during this period and especially when we can start inviting shoppers and workers back to the town centre, will offer support to businesses to help them to thrive. Our Street Rangers are out daily including Weekends working with the Police and Council Teams. The Wood Green Town Centre Radio Scheme and Intelligence Software are running and are available to all levy payers at no additional cost.

Who can apply for a payment Plan?

The Payment plan for the Levy will be available to all businesses who’s levy bill is over £100.  Any business which has previous arrears of levy from 2018/2019 can apply for a Payment plan as long as they agree that the amount already owed will be included within the payment plan which will also include amounts due from this financial period.

Why am I being charged a Levy as we have a 12 month Rates holiday?

The amount your are charged as a levy payer is based on the business rates of your property.  They are two separate bills.  All BID’s in the UK are governed by regulations set by central Government which includes that local authorities have a requirement to send out separate bills to collect Levy due on behalf of the BID to delivery projects and services for the benefit of the Town Centre.

What happens if I refuse to pay the levy?

If you decide to not pay the levy due, the Council can take further action to collect any payments due including court action which could include additional costs being added to the amount due.  The BID recommends that you either complete the form below to apply for a payment plan or discuss with the council a solution before it goes to this stage.

Who do we need to contact if I have queries or questions about my Levy Bill?

BID Levy Bills are issued directly by a local authority rates department – not the BID.  If you have questions about payment, or technical questions about the levy, then you can contact the business rates team at Haringey Council, who are collecting the levy on the BID’s behalf, directly on 020 8489 1700 or by emailing business.rates@haringey.gov.uk

Who do I need to talk to about the valuation of my Business Premises?

If you need to discuss the valuation of the premises you operate from which can include having it re-valued or changed because you for example have added a new store room or office etc or have any other questions about the rates on your property, we would advise visiting the governments website for further information here https://www.gov.uk/introduction-to-business-rates

Is there a deadline to complete the Payment Plan?

YES – You must complete the payment plan application by JANUARY 2021.  Any business which does not complete the payment plan by this date will be deemed that they will pay the Levy bill in full by the end of March 2021.  

(Enter your business Name as stated on your Levy BILL)

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